Misunderstanding in the Work Force Essay

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Misunderstanding #1 Who was the sender? Myself (Maria) Who was the receiver? Supervisor (Cathy) What was the message? We had been sending emails back and forth regarding me not being at work in the afternoon because I had to drop my daughter off in Atlanta and that I would try and be back before closing at 6pm. I was trying to explain how traffic could be and that it could be a possibility that I might not get back by 6 to close the building. I was trying to explain what my plans were and I guess she wasn’t catching on to what I was communicating to her. What channel was used to send the message? Email What was the misunderstanding that occurred? She had a hard time understanding what I was trying to communicate to her regarding what I was planning on doing if I didn’t return in time to close the daycare and that my staff had it covered. She kept saying that she advised to me that I needed to contact her or someone at the office to make them aware if I wasn’t going to be back in time to let them know, so if they needed to send someone to my site to help assist my staff with closing they would. How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? I learned that better communication between me and my supervisor would have helped the problem and avoid going into detail about my responsibilities of a site director and what was the proper protocol. In looking back a phone call from me would have helped the situation significantly. All I had to do was pick the phone up and let her know that I was not able to be there to close, rather than assuming that my supervisor knew that I wasn’t going to make it in time to close. I communicated to my staff via phone to let them know about me not being there, but not my supervisor. What did you learn about the communication process from this activity? I felt like this was a great example of the encoding/decoding

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