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Brief for Assignment 2 : Information Review Title of Module Practical Home Care Skills Code N22940 Weighting 30% This brief must be submitted with your completed assignment 1. Choose one client or group of clients that you provide care for and using the headings below answer your assignment using the guidelines outlined under each bold heading. Assessment Criteria: - Assessment and marking of the assignments will be based on the following points that have to be covered in the assignment. The allocation of marks for the various sections is clearly shown with details of the information that has to be included. Recognises the impact of caring on carers health and welfare (10) Describe measures that can to be taken to ensure the health and safety of carers in the work place (3) List mechanical aids that can be used to assist carers in providing safe care (2) Identify the level of assistant/support that carers require to perform care safely (2) Discuss methods that help reduce stressors when working in the caring field (3) Information provided by the candidate is accurate and relevant to safe care practice (10) Identify the safety and hygienic needs of the client chosen for this assignment (2) Give 2 examples of how you (the carer) ensured that safe care was provided for this client (2) Provide two up to date relevant references to show your awareness of providing safe care practices (2) Analyse how the knowledge learned in class helped you to provide safe and hygienic care for the client that you choose for this assignment (giving examples) (2) Reflect on your assignment and describe something new that you have learned from the course about your

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