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The Second World War (the Pacific War): D. McCann & Year 10: 2015 Write a paragraph (approximately 100 words) on each of the following battles, military campaigns and historical episodes. Briefly outline, in your own words, who was fighting and for what reason; and then why one side won. Mention any contribution by or relevance to Australia at every opportunity 1. Pearl Harbor (December 1941) The attack on Pearl Harbour, on the 7th of December of 1941 was the first act of war between Japan and America. The initial attack was actually not foreseen by the Americans because the Japanese were yet to officially declare war. The air strike destroyed seventeen vessels, eight of which were battleships. 2300 US deaths were caused with only twenty nine Japanese aircraft lost and fifty five Japanese soldiers. Fortunately for the US, their aircraft carriers weren’t in the port so they weren’t damaged. 2. The Fall of Singapore (1942) On the 8th of December 1941 Japanese troops landed in Malaya. The British underestimated the strength of the Japanese military because they were under the conception that the Japanese were an inferior race to the British. However in deep jungle battles the Japanese crushed the British, Australian and Indian troops, by the 31st of January 1942, all the remaining troops were forced to retreat back to Singapore. Singapore was seen as a British fort that the Commonwealth troops could take shelter in, however when the Japanese forces invaded Singapore on the 9th of December 1941 the British were forced to surrender 130 000 troops to the Japanese. Around 15 000 Australians were taken prisoner and after this humiliating defeat the Australians never turn to the British for help again. 3. The Battle of the Coral Sea The Battle of the Coral Sea was Japans first attempt to take Port Moresby by sea. In early May 1942 Japanese

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