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Title: FOOD AND DRINK ESTABLISHMENTS Approved: OBJECTIVE To provide guidance in support of local plan policies on the location and operation of food and drink establishments. SCOPE OF GUIDANCE This guideline applies on a city‐wide basis to the following types of proposals: • Class 3 (Food and Drink) uses, such as restaurants and cafes • shops selling hot food for consumption off the premises (hot food takeaway) • public houses and bars • hotels that are licensed for the sale of alcohol to persons other than residents or persons other than those consuming meals on the premises, i.e. hotels outwith Class 7 (Hotels and Hostels), such as hotels with a public bar • entertainment venues, such as a nightclub within Class 11 (Assembly and Leisure). This guideline does not apply to: • proposals for shops selling cold food for consumption off the premises, such as sandwich bars; such uses fall within Class 1 (Shops) use of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) (Scotland) Order 1997 • Class 7 (Hotels and Hostels). A mixed establishment comprising a public bar with ancillary hotel or restaurant facilities will be assessed in the same manner as a public house for the purposes of this guideline. STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) (Scotland) Order 1997 (as amended) establishes a distinction in planning terms between the establishments which fall within the scope of this guideline. The following types of establishment are not covered by a use class but are defined as sui generis for the purposes of planning; a term which refers to a class of its own: • hot food takeaway • public house • hotels outwith Class 7. 1 A change of use to form an establishment within the scope of this guideline requires planning permission. Planning permission is not required for changing a cafe to a restaurant, as they both fall within Class 3

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