Mistakes Made Lessons Learned

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We all make bad decisions growing up; weither we’re peer pressured or just think it’s cool. Growing up you learn a lot from mistakes made in life. We don’t often realize how stupid mistakes can affect our future. You can’t trust everyone, and some of us learn that the hard way. I didn’t expect to be one of them. Breaking the law doesn’t bring you more friends, nor does it make you look cool. Sometimes you’ve got to fall down 7 times, and get up 8. As you get older and wiser you begin to plan your future, but making bad decisions won’t help you get there. Being wise in what you do will have a positive influence on where you go in life. The actions that we take, the way that we think, and the decisions that we have made will affect the type of lifestyles we live in the future. Your future lifestyles will determines the kind of people you hang out, the kind of house you will be living in, the kind of car you drive, etc. That’s why is important to know the kind of lifestyle you enjoy the most living in, and start working towards that lifestyle while you still you still young. This is why focusing on more than friends and partying will help you work towards your future lifestyle goals, but education is the main component out of all. 1 wrong decision can not only affect you, it affects your family and community. You can’t trust everyone, and can’t depend on just anyone. Not everyone is your friend and most are quick to get you in trouble or bail on you when you’re facing it. Friends become distractions that take us away from focusing on school and other goals in life. Teens owe it to themselves and their parents to put in their best efforts into school work. At all times therefore, teens must make it a point to be conscious of the people they hang around and realize school always comes first. This will help us get their priorities straight. Finish your homework or that
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