Missouri Compromise Essay

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U.S. History Chapter 15 - Key facts: 1-5 - Critical thinking: 1-2 - Skill practice Act 1-4 Key Facts The purpose of the Missouri compromise was to preserve the balance between slave and free states in the senate and brought about a lull in the bitter debate in congress over slavery. 5 parts of the missouri compromise of 1850 was first california would be admitted as a free state. Second the New Mexico territory would have no resolutions on slavery. Third the New Mexico - Texas border dispute would be settled in favor of New Mexico. Fourth the slave trade but not slavery itself would be abolished in the district of columbia. Fifth Clay pushed for a stronger fugitive slave law. Stephen Douglas's solution to the slavery issue in the kansas and nebraska territory was he knew southerners would object to having kansas and nebraska become free states. This would give the north and advantage in the senate. Douglas proposed abandoning the missouri compromise and letting the settlers vote on weather to allow slavery. The Dred Scott decision was that Dred Scott sued for his freedom because he didn't think he was a slave and should be free because he had lived on free soil. the decision was though that he still was a slave. Lincoln planned to prevent succession by Critical thinking Newly elected republicans refused to compromise any further on the slavery issue because they still wanted to have it and not keep giving in to deals to lessen it or change it. I think the people in the south rejected compromise efforts altogether by saying "We spit upon every plan to compromise" because they know that the people will say one thing and end up doing a different thing after they agree on a deal. Skill Practice Activity The author was Dr. Martin R. Delany The view toward slavery is for slavery. The language that reflects

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