Mississippi Trial 1955 Essay

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Have you ever read the book Mississippi Trial 1955? If you haven’t you should. In the book Mississippi Trial 1955 the author Chris Crow portrays the horrible hate crimes against African American’s. In this book the author talks about a young African American boy named Emmett Till from Chicago that went down to Greenwood, Mississippi to visit his uncle Mose Wright. Everything was fine for Emmett until he met RC Rydell which shoved fish guts up Emmett’s nose and mouth. For Emmett that was even close to the worst thing he will experience. Later in the story you learn that Emmett had whistled at a white woman in Money, Mississippi. The things that happened after that are so terrible that no person should ever go through something like that. The book Mississippi Trial 1955 is a good book about what happened to Emmett Till. This book has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The three qualities I will be analyzing are the wise character, the racist setting and the powerful theme. Hiram Hillburn was a boy who grew up in Greenwood, Mississippi with his grandparents. Hiram and his grandfather were very close. He loved his grandmother’s cooking and going to his grandfather’s plantation. When he was seven his grandmother died out of the blue and his grandfather became very ill. Once he turned nine, his father came and took him from Greenwood. Hiram then moved to Tempe, Arizona. He gained four other siblings and his dad became a college professor. Finally, after 7 long years of begging, pleading, and fighting with his father, Hiram got to go on a summer vacation back to Mississippi. While there he got involved in a murder/kidnapping case of a Negro boy by the name of Emmett Till. In the book, Hiram Hillburn, grew as a person. He started to see things that he didn’t see before. Hiram started making the right decisions. When returning home, he made the decision of making things right

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