Mississippi Burning Essay

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“Mississippi Burning” Mississippi burning is a fine example of how dysfunctional society can get if we don’t pay attention to the problems that threaten to destroy us as a nation and as a society, we must learn to diversify ourselves and be receptive to others and respect their way of living regardless of how we think an individual should live his life. I think the film did a good job in illustrating the role that race, culture, political and social economic status play in society as a whole. The story of Mississippi burning took place in 1964, which was a period of political and social turmoil in this country. I think that the film illustrated some of the horrible consequences of ethnocentrism. We must learn to think outside the box and put ourselves in someone else’s’ shoes if we are to succeed as a country and as society. The thing that confused me the most about the film is that two of the three people who were murdered were white, so that in itself says that it was more than racism, it was ignorance hatred and just pure evil in the perpetrators behalf. Another factor that shocked me was the fact that those who were trusted to protect and serve the community were the ones responsible for violating the rights of those who were part of our society. I think that the main thing that we can learn about this scenario is the importance of acknowledging the different problems our society faces and try to educate people on the matter, this is perhaps the most important role of sociology, I hope that experiences like this one help us better understand ourselves and others, it is difficult to understand why people can be so evil, and is easy to judge those responsible in the movie but when you take into consideration the way those people were raised and how their socialization process was shaped by those around them I think they themselves were victims as
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