Mississipi Burning (Movie)

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The movie: Mississipi burning * Which scene do you think best illustrates the problems with racism? Already at the start, you see that there is a water fountain for white and colored. And the other scene where the FBI goes inside a restaurant, it’s segregated. Another scene where a judge says the white people are guilty but they won’t get a hard punishment- court don’t punish crime against black people. * Which different examples of racism does the movie show? The way white people live vs the black. They hit them if they will not follow the law or if they will not do as the white people say. Interviews with racists: black people are to blame if anything happens to them. They say segregation is in the bible. Black people become fed up with it. * Which different ways of reacting to it does the movie show? The black people don’t react, other that helping the wounded black person. The black cant do anything because they are afraid and there are not any hope left, but in the end of the movie, you can see We can relate this to the poem about strange fruit And the other one called “if we must die” – you can see that at the end, where the black people are fed up, and if they must die, then die nobly. The reactions: black people: demonstrations, speeches, mostly, they are afraid, don’t think things will chance. They go around making riots. In USA nowadays 12% of the population is black. That’s approximately 34million black. 308million people. There are still a lot of problems with racism
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