Mission/Vision/Values Essay

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Mission/Vision/Values Gillus Meiring BUS/475 3 October 2011 Jeff Leeson FranTech Inc. FranTech Inc. is a technical training provider delivering training interventions within the industrial manufacturing environment in the electrical and mechanical fields. The purpose of this paper is to define FranTech Inc. services and customers through developing mission, vision, and value statements. FranTech Inc. mission, vision, and value statements will be analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the strategic direction and evaluation of customer satisfaction will be conducted to determine the competitive advantage of the organization. 1. Mission Statement FranTech Inc. mission gives the employees direction aligning their efforts to the entities the organization delivers the service to, the way the service is professionally and effectively delivered, and the scope of service being delivered (businessplans, 2011). The market where the electrical and mechanical training interventions are being delivered is in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, and encompasses the industrial manufacturing sector (uaeinteract, 2010). The target population consists of a diverse artisan workforce recruited form Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The delivery of the service will consist of world class vocational theoretical, practical, and on-the-job training techniques aligned with the respective clients’ needs and requirements (uaeinteract, 2010). FranTech Inc. mission statement will be: “We deliver superior technical training solutions for the United Arab Emirates manufacturing industry, on and off the job, applying world class training techniques” 2. Vision Statement FranTech Inc. wants to align the vision statement with the mission statement to encompass the worth for the consumers and shareholders on a human level (mindtools, 2011).
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