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The Mission Trip—A huge lesson I learned. By Alesia Smyser A huge lesson I learned is not to be greedy. I went on a mission trip with my church to Chicago to help homeless and to visit schools. The first place we went was the YMCA to visit the daycare. We helped the teachers. There was one little boy about 3 who came up to me and handed me a flower and said “You are very nice, thank you.” I thought that was so nice, I wanted to go there every day and help. That little boy made my day. Next we went on a scavenger hunt that the counselor sent us on. We were looking for a homeless person to take and buy them food. We only had $5 to spend. There was one adult with us. We went up to this man and asked if he needed food. He told us yes and then a lady came running up to us asking us to by her food too. We told her yes and asked them where they liked to eat. They replied, “Pizza.”, and pointed at a pizza place. We said okay and took them to eat. Of course it cost more than $5, so the adult that was with us paid for the rest. We sat at the pizza place for a while talking. The man who we took to eat had been staggering and he told us, “I’m sorry, but I am drunk.” We told him no problem that it was okay. After they ate we left and went back to our counselor. The next day we went to a nursing home and played bingo and chatted with the people. We were playing bingo when one of the men wanted to show off. He was probably in his late 70’s or early 80’s. He thought it would be funny to stick bingo chips up his nose and blow them out at us. One of the kids was scared when he did it, but the rest of us just laughed at him. Then we went to the Food Pantry. We served the people food, sat with them and interacted with them. I was talking to a lady and she told me how her daughter was caring for her and then just left her and that was why she was

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