Mission Theology Paper

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Theology of Mission Submitted to Dr. Ebele Adioye in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of GLST 500 – D09 LUO Global Studies Survey by Michele Clark April 5, 2015 Contents Introduction 1 The Biblical Basis for Mission Theology 1-2 Old Testament 2 New Testament 3 The Basis for Mission Theology 4-5 The Theological Approach to Mission 5 Conclusion 6 Bibliography 7 Introduction When Christians hear the word “mission,” they view it as a broader reference to everything the church is doing that points toward the kingdom of God. Missions have often been reduced to whether the individual’s call is to be a missionary or not. However, there is so much information about being a missionary. Therefore, all Christians can live for God’s global purposes without being a missionary and still help with building God’s Kingdom. God is rising up a new army of Kingdom ministry to fulfill His global purpose. This paper will present the biblical theology of mission, the Theology of mission and the theological approach of mission in the kingdom of God. The Biblical Theology of Mission Mission is not something that human beings decide to do for God, but God reveals His purpose to them so that they may have an active part in His mission. God’s mission is to save human beings and to redeem them from the clutches of the devil. There are times that Christians are slaves to the power of evil, not realizing that it has robbed God of his glory and human beings of salvation. However, God is much greater than the devil (1 John 4:4), but for the current conflict on earth, God has chosen to involve His people as members of His mission. As believers in Jesus Christ, God can accomplish every aspect of His mission through
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