Mission Statement Format for Childcare

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Mission Statement Formulation In formulating its mission, an organization must answer three primary questions: (a) what function does the organization perform?, (b) for whom?, and (c) how? WHAT Most organizations answer the “what” question in terms of goods or services currently produced. This may prevent them from seeing new opportunities for growth or from responding to challenges. The alternative is to answer the question in terms of customer or client needs. Then the organization is more likely to develop new products or services to meet those needs and less likely to experience obsolescence or decline. Successful organizations try to identify ways to meet the needs of the public and include these considerations in their mission formulations. The major issue in mission formulation is achieving consensus on how broadly or narrowly to answer the “what” question. WHO No organization can meet all the needs of all possible clients or customers. The mission formulation requires a clear identification of what portion of the potential customer base is the organization’s primary target. This is called market segmentation. Markets can be segmented in many ways: geographically, financially, ethnically, etc. HOW Deciding how the organization will achieve its mission may involve a marketing strategy, such as being the low-cost producer or the technological leader. It may involve a distribution system, such as regional warehouses or evening classes in factories. It may involve a variety of processes through with the organization can deliver products or services to a defined customer group. A mission or vision statement should be known and understood by all members. Basic Mission Format: The mission of ________________ is to _______________ for __________

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