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Mission Statement and Conflict Resolution An understanding of values is important before moving forward. According to Rokeach, “an enduring belief that a specific mode of conduct is socially or personally preferable to an opposite mode of conduct”. This fundamental part of the systems approach should be part of the foundation of any agency wishing to tackle the problem of unwanted teen pregnancy. The values at this specific agency could be translated as “why have an unwanted pregnancy when you can simply avoid it”. The 2nd step would be to establish a mission and vision. The purpose of this is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and not to discourage those who wish to start a family at a young age (18+yrs of age). I believe that part of this mission would be to provide more of an insight on what it takes to effectively raise a child/children in San Antonio. The mission of course would be to visualize the role it plays in the community while the vision would be the future outcome of the mission itself. The mission would then be of course to prevent the unwanted teen pregnancy. The next step would then be to examine the metrics of the mission through goals and objectives. The goals would be to prevent unwanted pregnancy through educational programs, prophylactics, birth control. The objectives then would be to provide educational videos for students at local schools, provide for prophylactics, and birth control. The next step would then be to develop an effective action plan. An important note here is that there is no status quo to public health since it is always changing, however an action plan can usher in a new era for an organization or be its death knell. I think the trick here in the action planning step would be situational leadership, catering to each and every situation differently. For example some schools may view the prophylactics and videos as humorous

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