Mission of the Church

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THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH There are many theologians who have different views about the Mission of the Church. According to a person’s religion, biblical teaching and/or spiritual understanding of God’s word, a conclusion is drawn based upon what the mission of the church means to them. The Bible is the basis for the mission of the church, or it at least should be. The mission of the church is the most urgent task of the church because to be Christian is to become part of God’s kingdom and God’s vision for the world. Mission is also needed to carry on the work of Jesus. As a community of believers, the church is not to be closed in on itself; rather, it should prolong who Jesus Christ is and what he did for the breaking in of the reign of God. All people have a right to the fullness of truth, and so the church must be in mission. This paper will focus on the biblical and spiritual Mission of the Church and give emphasis on the basis that the church is here for a Divine purpose. Just as the church had a divine beginning, it also has a divine mission. The mission of the church is given to us to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Preaching the gospel is one mission of the church because the church is God’s body of believers, or change agents, to evangelize the world. Numerous New Testament passages indicate that the church is to preach the gospel. Jesus charged the apostles with proclaiming the gospel to all nations (Matt. 28:18-20), and he established the church to carry out that task. Preaching the gospel is central to the church’s mission so that God's eternal wisdom will be made known through the church. (2 Tim. 2:15, 4:2) God's plan to save man through the sacrifice of Christ, which was purposed before the worlds were founded, is to be declared to all people by the church. The church is God's preaching agency. In Matt. 13, the kingdom of
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