Mission Of Pallidius And Patrick

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The proof of early Christian Ireland is indeed limited. Even the few pieces of evidence are undisputed and constantly argued over. “The surviving evidence clearly shoes that the mission of Palladius to convert Irish to Christianity must have been at the same time period as Patrick” this is a very difficult statement to discuss as there is so many theories and so little evidence. According to the Prosper of Aquitaine in 431 Pope Celestine sent Palladius to Ireland as a minister to “those who believe in Christ” However an Irish saying has it that “the Lord gave Ireland not to Palladius but to Patrick”. According to the Annals of Ireland Patrick arrived in Ireland in 432 bringing Christianity with him. There is also a debate over whether Palladius and Patrick where actually the same person. Throughout this essay I am going to investigate these three theories in relation to supporting evidence and dates, and draw my own beliefs and conclusion from my findings. Palladius was, according to the contemporary chronicler Prosper, sent to Ireland by Pope Celestine as the first bishop of Ireland in 431. “Palladius founded a few churches in the Northeast of Ireland though the known Christian settlements and monasteries where mostly in the south ”. However, it is said that Palladius was soon chased out of the country by many pagans and fled to England where he died soon after. Despite his successes and the erection of several churches, Bishop Palladius is not known as he-who-brought-Christianity-to-Ireland. This title is usually given to his successor Patricius Magnous Sucatus, bettor known as Saint Patrick. Even though archaeological evidence shows that Christianity was present in Ireland prior to his landing in 432.According to O’Croinin Patrick came to Ireland in 432 landing at the sight of Palladius’ failure . It is unclear who sent Saint Patrick to

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