Mission and Value Essay

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was just thinking to myself the other day, “I need to do a SWOT Analysis on my life.” In fact, I posted it on Facebook because… well… I post most of my random thoughts on Facebook. Interestingly enough, a few friends observed that they had been hearing this a lot from folks lately and then I started seeing other friends make the same comments. So obviously that means we all need to do a strategic plan for our lives. And why not? I mean we strategize other things that are important to us and we all pretty much know that a solid strategy makes taking on tasks more manageable, right? Right! So I took on the task of developing my personal strategic plan and decided to share my outline with you with the hopes that you’ll find it helpful as you lay out your own plan. I started with a Mission Statement: I asked myself, what is my mission as I see it? I prayed and reflected and examined what I understood my purpose to be. Here is what I came up with To give my fellow citizens living validation that they are not alone in their hardships or heartaches. To be proof positive that life’s challenges do not define us but that it is our response to those challenges that makes us who we are. And to inspire all who I encounter to fearlessly pursue their own sense of greatness. Next up, Vision Statement: If the mission statement is my purpose then the vision is how I see myself living out and manifesting that mission into a reality. Again, here’s mine: To create a community of individuals ready, willing and able to harness positive energy to empower themselves and others in the pursuit of healthy and happiness. Ok, so we’ve got the mission and the vision, now, how about some Goals? I know I just talked about Reaching Goals but before we can even reach our goals, I figure we need to set those bad boys. I set three: 1.) To broaden this blog’s reach and to

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