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Transforming Mission: Paradigm shifts in Theology of Mission By David Bosch (587 pp), Orbis 1991 David Bosch was professor of Missiology and a lecturer at the University of South Africa since 1971, after working as a missionary in the Transkei province since 1957. Amongst other roles he had was that of general secretary for the South African Missionary Association, editor of the Missionalia journal and chaired various national Christian assemblies in South Africa. He died from a tragic road accident on April 1992. He was married to Annemarie Elisabeth. Introduction. Mission: The Contemporary Crisis Between Danger and Opportunity. Bosch begins his book by looking at the use of the word “mission”. He sees 12 ways which mission has been seen as namely: i) The sending of missionaries to designated territory. ii) The activities they undertake iii) The geographical areas of missionary activities iv) Agencies which send missionaries v) The non Christian world or the mission field vi) The centre of missionary operation – mission field vii) A local congregation without minister and depending on an older existing church. viii) Series of special outreach services with the purpose of deepening people’s faith in Christ. ix) Propagation of faith x) Expanding God’s reign xi) Conversion of non-believers xii) Founding of new churches. (Bosch Pp. 1 quoting Muller 1987:31-34). Bosch continues to explain on the development of the use of the word ‘Mission’ through the historical development of doctrinal definitions in both Catholic and Protestant traditions and in church authority, in issues of expansion, occupation, conquest of other religions etc. He then moves to explain the changes that took place in the 20th century, after receiving various challenges. These challenges according to Bosch are a crisis, but also may lead to opportunity because if

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