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Missing The Past Embracing The Future Essay

  • Submitted by: najoma
  • on March 31, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Missing The Past Embracing The Future" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In the article missing the past, Embracing the future, Gayatree Siddantha Sarma, narrated how she felt when she took her daughter to the county fair. Sarma said that her daughter’s experience with farm animals was limited to the one she sees on the movies because they live in the suburbs. They walked hand in hand through the stalls. While they were walking, she started feeling nostalgia; that she felt strong need to call her sister who lives half a world away. Sarma grew up in Assam, India. Her families were a middle class household of professional: doctors, academics and scientist. They did not have a farm but behind the house, they have a plot of land, big enough to plant a lot of vegetables. They had three cows and a coop full of chicken. Sarma’s father had a passion to teach English Literature, but he was also very proud in growing vegetables, to serve organic food to his children coming straight from his yard. When Sarma was eight years old, she tended a tiny plot in the garden; where she felt very proud with growing kohlrabi and sweet peas. Her passion matched her father’s passion in growing cauliflowers. Sarma said that in early spring, they turned the garden in front of the house into a fragrant bouquet of flowers. She said that the fragrance passed through the air, enhanced by the other flowers in the neighborhood.  
Sarma said that decade later, the smell of a lone gardenia in a store across the globe, from her childhood brings tears to her eyes. When her six years old daughter saw her crying, she started asking her a lot of questions. Sarma feels like her childhood, her adolescence and the world she left behind to embrace a new one was concealed in the fragrance of the gardenias, lilies and roses that used to be adorned in the front of their house.   Sarma said that their favorite spot to hang out on a warm afternoon was on a blanket under the gooseberry tree by the pond. She said that sometimes the sky turned black while they were watching the birds....

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