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The Missing Part Essay

  • Submitted by: AA_Shenaz
  • on November 18, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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The Missing Part
It was an hour after lunch. My friend and I were running down the hall quietly as everyone else were in their rooms. I was late for the first time, not because of some hangout I had to be at, but because the food at the canteen was so good I couldn’t resist eating more, thus forgetting the time. I tiptoed down the hall as I hushed my friend, who was heading straight down the stairs at full speed. I was so nervous of being caught, thinking my teachers would see me and say: what kind of an honor student and a class president is doing in the hallway at godly hours?! My mind was swirling with different fears, along with my heels giving a tiny click as it hit the floor. A door was open -- Mr. Abarquez’s class. I peeked inside to see how he talks when he lectures, his face becoming funnier every second. I swear that teacher is a natural comedian. But my eyes were not focused on the teacher, but on the guy whose stares were directed towards me. I looked around to see who he was looking at, but found out it was me. My friend had left, probably seated already in our room downstairs, with my teacher’s fuming gaze at her. But what bothered me the most was the fact that this cute guy is glaring at me. There, Ashley, you nailed it! This guy is probably thinking, I thought this girl is a role model in school. Why is she tiptoeing outside in the hall during hours as such? I got so shy my cheeks were burning and ran off. In the room, I reflected on those stares. They were different, and those glitter in his eyes. And it began there. The reason that caused the break up of my friendship with AISA TAWAGON – my very best friend. I began liking him more and more each day. My best friend and him were in the Section 1, while me being a transferee was in a different Section. If I wanted to be in Section 1, I had to be an honor student for two consecutive gradings. It was only during brakes and school programs that I get to be with my barkada -- the D’Jolly. But Aisa and...

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