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Title: Missing May Author: Cynthia Rylant Protagonist: Summer is the protagonist. She is 12 years old and lives with her Uncle and Aunt May. Her mother died when she was a baby. Antagonist: Death is the antagonist. Not as a name but death is what the characters are trying to outsmart. Conflict: Summer and Ob want to reconnect with May. Setting: This story is in West Virginia. Summer and Ob live in a trailer. There always in a country-like area. Plot: Summer life hasn’t always been the most fortunate one. Her mother passed away before she even had memory of her. When she was twelve her Aunt may died. Aunt May and her Uncle Ob took her in as a daughter when she was six. Before then they used to pass her around the family like a chore. Summer is now scared that something’s wrong with Ob. Ob doesn’t feel like living no more. Suddenly in the garden Ob feels like May is around him and gets a strong vibe. So Cletus Underwood, Summer’s friend hears about this Bat lady who can contact with the bed. They called her the bat lady because she lives with bats. So Ob, Summer, and Cletus head for the Capitol to see the Bat lady, and spend the rest of the day around the Capitol. (This is Cletus’s dream to see) After hours of driving they find the house and go in but the Bat lady is dead too. So Ob is furious and is mad and goes into he’s car and goes on he’s way and drives home. While driving something got into Ob and pulled him back to reality. He turned the car around and took them to the capital. On the way home Summer was thinking of May and she broke down crying. She finally released the emotions out of her. Now the two Ob and Summer were both ready to move on with their lives. Climax: The climax is when Ob couldn’t take it anymore and was about to give up on everything because he found out that the Bat lady was dead. Denouement: The story ends off while

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