Miss Use Of Mobile Phones Essay

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MISS-USE OF MOBILE PHONES As James Humes says; “The art of communication is the language of leadership” The origin of communication draws our attention to the earliest of human civilizations when man kind used variety of methods to send messages and run errands to each other. It was a need of mankind to express and share their happiness, sorrows, victories etc to their beloved ones, thus their this intention lead them to variety of communication methods likewise they used smoke as signals (also used now-a-days by armed forces), different shapes and sign boards were used by Egyptians for communication (we find such examples in highway engineering e.g. parking, no horn, diversion signs). As we know that “Necessity is the mother of invention”, this made the human being to think and invent some more reliable, faster and better modes of communication. They started training eagles and pigeons and used horses to send messages, but this was limited to only short distances, and was time consuming. Thus a better way was need for tele-communication. The more sheer need of communication was felt in World War-II, because of improper communications and logistics, many countries suffered big losses. Thanks to ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL and his revolutionizing invention of a device termed as “Telephone” on 10th March, 1876. Due to this invention distant communication was made really very easy. Further developments resulted in form of “Mobile Phones”. The first cell phone came to this gadget world in 1981, when MIT (Massa-chutes institute of technology), America introduced first ever full automatic, hand held communicating device. From Motorola's first phone, which weighed in at 2 pounds, to Apple's upcoming iPhone, has made drastic changes in mass communication and media world, and communication was made as fast as we just blink our eye and the message is delivered. There

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