Miss Julie by August Strindberg

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Miss Julie Miss Julie August Strindberg's most famous and most performed work. Miss Julie is set during a midsummer night and early morning in a mansion where only three people involved. The story is about an aristocratic Miss Julie, as a midsummer night seductively joking with her father's valet, Jean. At first, Miss Julie superior, aggressive and imperious against Jean. She stands higher in the hierarchy, and feels that she has power over Jean. Jean is cautiously hesitant, and understand the risks involved in a love relationship with the count's daughter, but when Miss Julie finally almost offers herself, he can not resist the temptation, he starts flirting back, which means that they have sex with each other. Afterwards, it is up to the two possible consequences and the drama reaches its tragic point. Jeans inviting charm instead goes over to a very nasty tone and the mood becomes suddenly much worse. They begin to despise each other. Jean makes Miss Julie subdued, uncertain and afraid. She is appalled by the consequences. She's a woman from the upper class who had a sexual relationship with a single servant from the working class. Jean is portrayed as the strong and livsduglige, while Julie is the weak who perished. She has paved the way for his own inevitable doom. Julie's anxiety o despair increases as until the play reaches its ultimate climax as she cut his throat. Strindberg's Miss Julie was innovative for its special naturalistic style. The play is about a kind of psychological war position, a power struggle. Strindberg experimenting with Julie's upper class power against the servant Jean, which in turn had a patriarchal power towards Julie. With its naturalistic contemporary dramas, he wanted to show that a drama not just be about the external conflicts, but also the interior. Strindberg believed that a soul is composed, wobbly and
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