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Reflective Essay Question: If devising is a process, identify key points on the journey through from devising to performance. You should refer to at least one example from professional practice and may also refer to your own experience. During the first semester, I chose two master classes for Performance Practice 1, Devising and Physical Theatre. From the first master class Devising, I learned some skills on how to devise a play with a group of people and to give a performance in public. By using the knowledge I have learned from Devising and the suggestion from the teacher for my performance in the first etude, I made progress in the second mater class Physical Theatre. In this essay, I will display the process of our group devising the second play with comparison to some professional practices and identify key points on the journey through from devising to performance . According to Alison (1994, p.1), "Devising is a process of making theatre that enables a group of performers to be physically and practically creative in the sharing and shaping of an original product that directly emanates from assembling, editing, and re-shaping individuals' contradictory experiences of the world". This indicates that devising is a process instead of a simple action happening in a flash moment. Besides, devising is the process during which a group of people have to create their original work but not just play a text-based theatre, which means devising theatre is more challengeable for the performers. Therefore, it is necessary for people who work on theatre to accumulate experience from every devising process, to conclude the key points, and to explore the practical way to devise. Alison (1994, p1) also pointed, "the process of devising is about the fragmentary experience of understanding ourselves, our culture, and the world we inhabit". This means the result of

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