Miss Evers Boys Essay

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July 18, 2011 Miss Evers Boys In the film Miss Evers Boys based on the 1932 Tuskegee study, innocent poverty stricken African Americans were used and studied to determine issues relating to the outbreak of Syphilis to help determine if such diseases are prone to traveling to the white population. During 1932 in Macon County, Alabama, Syphilis in the African American population was running ramped and killing many individuals at a grueling rate. The Tuskegee study as established by the US Government to determine a cure for this disease not for the sake of the African Americans but for the white in case something way spread outside of the race. Though the study started out fine, the depression hit hard and soon bribery and the lies started to overcome the senses of human nature creating horrible endings for 412 individuals that were studied. While the Tuskegee study was suppose to help the white population find a cure and at the same time help these individuals with the study, many conflicts and violations occurred that sidelined the moral ideas and thus created extreme ideas that would not be tolerated in today’s society. Throughout the entire film, my emotions were like a roller coaster ride going from the feeling of happiness for the helping nature of Miss Evers to horrified at the changes and lack of adequate help from many of the doctors and hospital staff members. At the beginning of this story, Miss Evers was sent out the find individuals to be studied and to try her best to gather them up to attend the tests. My emotion from the start was happy and gracious that Miss Evers seemed to want to help everyone out and take care of them like they are her brothers. Once she met the boys, I could tell that the mode seemed to change and so did my emotions towards the whole situation everyone was it. I was astounded that Miss Evers helped these individuals throughout
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