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Is Euthanasia Ever Ethically Acceptable? Karan Desai Professor Willard Green HSAD 210- Health Ethics Abstract As health care professionals do we have the right to take away someone else’s life given special circumstances? For instance, if a patient is in excruciating pain and request to be killed, does that mean that the health professional is authorized to make that decision and go through with the procedure of assisted suicide? This ethical dilemma is known as euthanasia otherwise known as “death with dignity” or “mercy killing”. Euthanasia is defined as the act of killing someone whom is suffering from a severe incurable illness to end his or her suffering. It is an unethical and morally wrong act because it is inhuman and goes against our professional and societal moral values. Killing people is morally wrong and should never be looked at as a solution or treatment to the terminally ill, that is the only thing that separates man from beast. When a health care provider is face with this ethical dilemma it is important to for them to take their emotions out of the equation and apply the six step ethical decision making process to come up with the appropriate caring response that benefits the patients health. “Working with patients and their loved ones when the patient has a condition that carries a medical prognosis of being incurable poses special ethical challenges” (Purlito & Doherty, p 306). Often, as health care professionals, we will encounter multiple patients in terminal or fatal health conditions, in which we have to provide an end-of-life caring response. When the patient reaches that end stage in his or her life, it is the duty of the health care professionals to provide and express patient centered-care to do what is best for their patients. Thus, health care professionals have the ability to make autonomic decisions for their patients in

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