Miss Daisy and Grandma

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Each person has his/her unique characteristics that make him/her stand from the crowd. The characters, Grandma from Lost in Yonkers , by Neil Simon, and Miss Daisy from Driving Miss Daisy by Alfred Uhry, are two good examples of two completely different types of people. Grandma and Miss Daisy’s three major differences are: their social life, background in education, and finances. Grandma is an old woman from Lost in Yonkers , and her social life in this book is a big issue. Everyone needs friends to talk with. However, Grandma has no friends to talk with. She always locks herself from others. Moreover, shoe never shows her feelings and thoughts to people. Living with het innermost feelings of the loss of her husband and keeping a distance from people are the ways Grandma has lived. In addition, Grandma’s background in education also makes a big discussion for readers. Grandma was born during the time of the World War II, so she did not have a chance to go to school. She is a German who immigrated to the United States and speaks English with a strong German accent. According “Lost in Yonkers ”, by Neil Simon, the way Grandma communicates with people, which can indicate that she is not well-educated person. Growing up in a war period explained why she doesn’t have a good background in education. Even though, Grandma is an old person, she doesn’t retire. She is still working to support her life. She owns a store, which keeps her buys all day. Grandma never wants to depend on anybody. She maintains that people don’t survive in this world without being like steel. Grandma always depends on herself and needs nobody’s helps. Briefly, these are Grandma’s characteristics, which left an unforgettable impression on readers. On the other hand, the characteristics of Miss Daisy from “Driving Miss Daisy” by Alfred Uhry, is completely different from Grandma. The social

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