Miss Brill Essay

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Intro: Katherine Mansfield's story "Miss Brill" doesn't appeal to Laurence Perrine's "Escape Literature" based on his writings in "Escape and Interpretation." Happines, pleasure, plot and the element of surprise and a happy outcome doesn't appeal to the immature reader. First Paragraph: Firstly, Miss Brill doesn't appeal to Laurence Perrine's "Immature Reader" because Miss Brill's life it the farthest thing from happy. Miss Brill is an elderly, lonely lady who treats a fur that she owns as if it were human and her only companion. By this you can already tell that she is someone who has a emptyness in their life. This is unappleaing to the immature reader/escape reader because on page four of Lauernce Perrnine's "Escape and Interpretation" it says "Escape Literature has as its only object pleasure." We can get a sense that Miss Brill does not have any pleasure by relating to the lonliness in her life. Her lonliness goes so deep that she starts to personify the fur. "Dim little eyes" (page 328 on Katherine Mansfield 'Miss Brill'). Finally we get a chance to see that Miss Brill is lonley and not happy when Katherine Mansfield states, "There is a band in the park that plays all year around, but during the season they sounded louder and gayer” (page 328, Miss Brill). Mansfield also states that Miss Brill even notices that the conductor seems to be wearing a new coat, which in my opioion is more evidence that she is in the park every Sunday, which shows that she must be a lonely lady. Second Paragraph: Secondly the plot and element of surprise of Katherine Manfsfield 's "Miss Brill" doesnt appeal to the immature reader of Lauernce Perrine's "Escape Literature". Laurence Perrine states that, "a plot in which something exciting is always happening, and in which there is a strong element of suspense." The plot in Miss Brill is the exact opposite of what the immature reader
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