Miss Brill Essay

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Anna Bailey Professor Williams ENC 1102 7 Feb 2012 Character Analysis SA 1,066 words Miss Brill's Fantasy Life is full of lonely people living mundane existences with little or no connection to other human beings. How these people cope is what separates them from tragedy. In Katherine Mansfield's short story "Miss Brill", we have an example of one such person. This is the story of a day in the life of Miss Brill, as she visits a nearby park on a cool Sunday afternoon. Miss Brill is portrayed as an elderly school teacher who lives alone and has no family or apparent friends. Despite her loneliness, she manages to get a measure of joy from the daily events of her life. Miss Brill overcomes her lonely existence by establishing a dependable routine, taking joy in simple pleasures, and creating a fantasy world in which she lives vicariously through the strangers in her park. Miss Brill finds satisfaction in the establishment of dependable routines in her daily life. For example, every Sunday afternoon she goes to a nearby park and observes the strangers around her. Miss Brill "made such a point of starting from home at just the same time each Bailey 3 week" (88). There are multiple references in the story of Miss Brill's ritualistic routines. Miss Brill leaves home each Sunday at the same time to go to the same park to hear the same band play. Miss Brill sits on the same bench and in fact considers it her bench. Every Sunday she stops by the bakery and buys "a slice of honeycake at the baker's" (89). This is her Sunday treat, and the only variance in that routine is that sometimes she finds an almond in the honeycake. She seems to take comfort in her routines, and the author just barely stops short of suggesting that these rituals have taken on a human quality, becoming her friends. It is evident that her
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