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THE ROLE OF CAREER DEVELOPMENT CULTURE IN TALENT RETENTION Table of Contents Table of Figures: 2 1. Introduction 3 2. Purpose and research question: 4 3. Background 4 3.1. Talent retention definition: 4 3.2. The importance of talent retention 5 3.3. Key talent retention practises: 5 3.4 Career Development definition: 6 3.5. The importance of career development: 8 3.6. Career Development Culture contributions: 9 3.7. Career Development Support Practices: 11 4. Findings 12 5. Conclusion 13 6. Bibliography 15 Table of Figures: 1. Figure 1: Integrated model of proactive behaviours (Crant, 2000) (Lent & Brown, 2006) (Barnett & Bradley, 2009) 7 2. Figure 2: Turnover Intention: Retaining Talent (Foong-ming, 2008) 13 THE ROLE OF CAREER DEVELOPMENT CULTURE IN TALENT RETENTION 1. Introduction Career in the 21st Century are much different than careers in previous centuries. Due to the breakthrough of advance technology career have been affected in terms of new skills required, a different understanding and knowledge about the environment and customers and different types of tasks to complete. When observing the manufacturing industry today a noticeable change has occurred in whole process starting with procurement of resources right through to marketing. Within the manufacturing department itself a shift form manual labour to highly advanced technological process occurred. Man is increasingly replaced by machine. Skills in this industry changed from practical work to much more complex understanding of technology. This occurrence has emphasised the need for developing and retaining talent and implementing career development plans. It’s a matter of adapt of die. Considering this phenomena in the working environment it is evident that careers are becoming more “protean” (Greenhaus, Callanan, &

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