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Principles of customer service The two businesses I have chosen are: * Costa-waitress/waiter, casher * Travelodge-receptionist, Hostess Costa Waitress/Waiter- The job of a waitress/waiter is to serve the customer there order while holding a certain amount of plates without dropping any it is important have a waitress/waiter because you want to enjoy yourself and get away for severing yourself. The skills you will need to do this job is balance so your able to hold a certain amount of plates another skill you will need is good memory so that you can remember their order other skills that will help will communication skills so that you will be able to talk to the customer clearly and ask them for order. Casher- The job of casher is to handle complaints and take of their order at the till and put their money in the cash machine and count how much money they make in a day to see if they have made profit. The skills you will need to do this job is math skills just in case the cash machine brakes you will have to be able to work who much change they will need. Another skill is to be fast the customer don’t want to be waiting at the till for hours so you have to be fast another skill is to listen so that you don’t get there order wrong. What is needed of these roles? The roles that will be needed is dealing with customers problems for example if they found something in there food and they demand for a refund and there shouting you will need to calm them down and get them a new one because the “customer is always right”. Another role needed is butting family issues behind you if you’re at work and something happened the day before and you’re really emotional about it you should ask your boss to take a leave until it blows over or suck it up, you should always have a smile on your face at work. Travelodge Receptionist-The job of a receptionist is to

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