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are an e-commerce consultant and have been approached by a local publishing business. They currently publish a magazine called Second Hand Car Mart that offers second hand cars for sale. The cars are advertised by both individuals and companies looking to sell them. The magazine is published monthly and has a selling price of $10.00. It currently sells around 3,000 copies per issue. Due to the economic downturn the sales of new cars have dropped significantly. This has resulted in an increased demand for second hand cars and the publishers are keen to exploit this. They would like to launch an e-commerce site that advertises second hand cars for sale on the Internet. The intention is that prospective buyers will contact the car sellers and make their own arrangements to evaluate and purchase the cars. The site will not be involved in the actual purchasing process, but will simply act as a marketplace through which buyers and sellers can meet. The publishers have asked you to assist them in developing the initial plan for the site. They would like you to focus upon a number of critical elements as far as the new e-commerce site is concerned: • What business model should be adopted for the site? • How should the site be marketed and promoted to potential users? • How to select an outsourced partner to develop and host the e-commerce site on behalf of the publisher? • What specific security threats is the site likely to face and how should these be countered? They have asked you to investigate these issues and provide them you’re your recommendations. Required: As part of the project you have been asked to undertake the following activities: 2.1 Provide a short report the most suitable revenue model that should be adopted by the e-commerce site, together with your reasons for making this decision. (10) 2.2

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