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Explain of the role of supportive relationships in reducing the risk of abuse and neglect (P6) Supportive relationships are created to show vulnerable adults that there is someone there for them who they can turn to and someone who they can trust. In order to maintain a supportive relationship, vulnerable adults need to be treated with respect, equality, fairness, with dignity and have their right to privacy. These are very important factors to ensure the risk of abuse is reduced, when these factors aren’t followed and taken under consideration, it is then a form of abuse or neglect. In order to respect someone you must show they are entitled to their rights and not under estimate their abilities and qualities. To ensure they are treated…show more content…
They should also be guaranteed they are in a safe and secure environment. Adults should also always be listened to when they are telling you information about themselves or background and lifestyles, many adults using health services would feel comfortable telling just anyone their business to it is important that they feel confident telling you. This can be achieved by showing how alert you are when listening giving eye contact at all times and engaging in conversation asking them more showing you have an interest in the subject of conversation. When they do feel confident telling you information and give you access to their personal problems, you should always keep information confidential as medical professionals have this duty of care which can only be breached if they discuss personal matters regarding abuse in this case. When engaging in conversation with an adult using the health services, your method of communication is vital as they should be able to understand what you are saying meaning your medical terminology should be at a minimum as their level of understanding would be different as to talking to a doctor

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