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(hazelden, n.d.) (www.recoveryranch.com, n.d.) (www.drugfreeworld.org, n.d.) (ww.nationofchange.org, 201) (ww.nationofchange.org, 201) (Renter, 2013)Generation Rx Generation Rx Mary Allred Communication 172 09/01/2014 Brandy Chandler Generation Rx “According to the recent study, nearly one in five teens in grades 7-12 (19 percent, or 4.5 Million) say they've used prescription painkillers such as Vicodin or OxyContin or stimulants such as Ritalin to get high. One in ten (10 percent, or 2.4 million) report having abused cough medicine. “(www.hazelden.org,n.d.para1) The rise in prescription drug abuse is classified as an epidemic according to the White House. The use of these drugs are on the rise at an alarming rate. My belief is that one way to manage this would to have government tracking on how many prescriptions each individual has and how frequent they are filling them. Over the counter medication such as cough medicine and Sudafed and other OTC medicines that are being used to manufacture drugs are now being tracked by retail stores and pharmacies all over the country. “Right now individual states do the tracking, and their efforts are not coordinated with the federal government.” (www.recoveryranch.com,n.d.para3) For me, this makes no sense, how is it that we are tracking OTC medications throughout the country but are not doing the same thing with pharmaceutical drugs? Easy to Obtain “Prescription drugs are easy to obtain and most people think they are safe to take- and this may be why more than five million Americans were abusing them during a typical month in 2009, the study found that more than70% of those abusing prescription drugs obtained them from family or friends. (www.recoveryranch.com,n.d.,para1) Most adolescents start their drug use by taking what is already in the medicine cabinet at home. Since more and more Americans are

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