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Extreme Sports With Benefits Many people always think that extreme sports are not good for them but if they consider, they will realize that extreme sports could achieve their dreams and could make them stronger than before in a positive way. Nowadays, people enjoyed getting hurt while playing extreme sports such as WWE, Swimming in the ocean, or Gymnastic. First of all, WWE or Street Fighting is the most dangerous sport. This sport could lead to the serious injury. However, people really need to get hurt because they need something to force them to work out harder. So they found out that WWE is a really helpful sport to achieve their goals and to get a healthy and good body. For example, the directors are looking for an actor who really has a good body, so at least one of the player in WWE will get a chance to be an actor and his dream will be achieved. Moreover, the players like to test their ability in how they can defend their selves. For example, when one of the players became against someone who is stronger than him and he got lost, he will work out harder to become stronger to meet that person again to take his revenge. That means WWE will always make the players be confident and proud of their selves. There are more benefits in extreme sports, so I am going to talk about the second most dangerous sport which is called Swimming in the ocean. Most people love swimming but have you ever heard about swimming in the ocean?! Many people think that swimming in the ocean is not a sport and whoever wants to try to swim in the ocean is a crazy person and will get hurt. They might be right. However this extreme sport is only made for people who are addicted to swim, so if you are addicted in some sports, you will never give up even if you get hurt until you win. Most people enjoyed swimming in the ocean because they thought that this sport is a challenge sport

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