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Introduction Im answering question 1, I will describe what the classical management approach entails and commenting on the effectiveness of this approach in the management on Mr. Jackson clothing manufacturing factory Wear-it Warehouse. Im also answering question 2, that ill define and discuss the phrase 'elements of organisational culture' and identifying and discuss the five elements of organisational culture. Question 1 1.1 The classical management approach professes the body of management thought based on the belief that employees have only economical and physical needs that the social needs and need for a job satisfaction either does not exist or are unimportant. Mr. Jackson believes in increasing the efficiency of workers and organisation based on management practices. Accordingly it advocates high specialization of labour, centralized decision making and profit maximization. Classical approach includes scientific, administrative and bureaucratic management: * Scientific management focuses on the 'one best was' to do a job * Administrative management focuses on the manager and basic managerial functions * Bureaucratic management focuses on guidelines for structuring with formalization of rules, procedures and clear division of labour. 1.1 One of the advantages of the classical management approach is the division of labor. Projects are broken down into smaller tasks that are easy to complete. Employees responsability_ and expectations are clearly defined. This approach allows workers to narrow their field of expertise and to specialize in one area. The division of labour leads to increase productivity and higher efficiency. In my opinion this is the best method to run a business in South Africa.

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