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Evacuation of a live performance –relative values A short while ago my drama group and I went to watch the play relative values by noel coward at London’s west end. My fist impressions of the perforce was that it was a witty comedy set out for older generations. The play deals with a clash between two cultures the English aristocracy and Hollywood stars. It is set in the early 1950s at a country manor in Kent; Marshwood house. Only one set is used though out the play and that is the drawing room of Marshwood house the use of only one set allows for the audience to gain a understanding of the importance of this room to the family and how most the families event circulate around it. The set was also very detailed this reflected the fine and expensive items of the aristocracy this also indicates there status. Also the use of entrances and exits on the set were used very effectively this allowed rom moments of impact when entering and leaving the stag. The costumes were used very effectively to indicate the time era but also the caricatures background and personality such as Felicity and Lady Herington were both wearing long smart sophisticated dresses this showed that they were very well presented and sophisticated. Were as miss Miranda Frayle was wearing a very short bright flamboyant dress this showed she was very young and trendy. Lighting was used reasonably effective but mostly used in order to show the time of day it was such as dark of a night and bright of a morning witch was very effective with the large windows on the right of the set looking over the grounds. One thing that could have been improved was the use of sound, I did not think that sound was used as much as it could of been for effect, the only time sound was really used was when characters such as Nigel and Miranda were pulling up to the house. One thing they could have done would be

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