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What I Have Gained from My Extroverted Characteristics: When asked about myself, I would definitely say that I am a kind of person who has predominantly extroverted characteristics. Thanks to my naturally outgoing and sociable characteristics, I have been an active volunteer of social work teams for a period of six months. Through field trips and real programs, I am able both to improve my weaknesses and sharpen my strengths plus devote myself to helping street children and homeless people. After volunteering at Hope Mission, I have learned sympathy and respect for less fortunate situations than people. Another positive result is meeting awesome friends, which is an endless inspiring source for my life. Additionally, making the decision to study abroad is another example of my extroverted characteristics. Personally, I think overseas study is one of the most important decisions in my life because it is a long and hard trip which requires a strong mind. Staying in Canada and pursuing my favorite degree at the University of Alberta has made my youth more vibrant in spite of unavoidable failures. Furthermore, I want to grow up independently of my family so that I am capable of coping with any challenges in the future. The more I interact with others in this trip, the more valuable things I learn, which are not contained in any syllabus at school that I have experienced. In conclusion, my extroverted characteristics are beneficial not only socially but also academically and enable me to satisfy myself as well as contribute to others'

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