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Analytical Brief for Consulting Project JENIFER KESIK Strategy and Leadership for Sport BSc Sports Management Unit Tutor: Dr Ian Jones and Dr Tim Breithbarth Word count: 2197 Level H Feedback: Written 7th December 2012 Abstract Marriott International, Inc. is a leading operator of hotels and lodging facilities around the world. This analytical brief examines the current competitive position of Marriott as well as discusses issues and trends that influence the external environment of the hotel industry in which Marriott operates. The report identifies the strategy currently used by Marriott and further discusses long term strategic choices and opportunities for the Marriott hotel chain. Finally, after in-depth analysis this report provides clear and achievable strategic directions that Marriott should follow in the next following years. Table of Contents FRONT PAGE ABSTRACTTABLE OF CONTENTS LIST OF APPENDEIESLIST OF TABLES LIST OF FIGURES | 1 2 3 4 4 4 | 1. Company Background 2. Industry Situational Analysis 2.1 Overview on the hotel industry 2.2 Macro environmental analysis 2.3 Competitive forces 2.3.1 Intensity of rivalry 2.3.2 The threat of new entrants 2.3.3 The bargaining power of suppliers 2.3.4 The bargaining power of buyers 2.3.5 The threat of substitution 2.3.6 Summary of Porter’s Five Forces 2.4 Critical Success Factors (CSF) 3. Strategic Analysis 3.1

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