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Gatsby is a man of mystery. Rumors fly about him - Who is he? What does he do? - all in an attempt to solve the mystery. Nick provides a window into Gatsby's identity, but is this a truthful and objective view? Gatsby, himself, tells part of his life story - can it be trusted? Discuss Gatsby. As you formulate your response make sure you consider ALL we have talked about, read, discussed, and watched. I really want you to show me your analytic abilities here. Bounce ideas off each other and challenge your beliefs or someone else’s. Don't be afraid to stretch your mind. Make connections to another piece of literature. In other words - go forth and explore/relate/connect/analyze/synthesize and bring it all back to the mystery that is Gatsby. Gatsby is a mysterious man full of lies. He comes from a poor family but clams to come from a rich family. In my head I wonder why he feels the need to lie. Gatsby’s real name is Jay Gatz but later in life he decides to change it to Gatsby. Coming from a poor back ground and having to earn his way through life was something he did not like. When he attended St. Olaf’s College he worked as a janitor to help pay for his tuition. Later, he quits that job and goes on to work for Dan Cody a wealthy man. Working on a yacht and being around wealth he wanted wealth and sophistication for himself. Many wonder why Gatsby did not take the money Cody had left for him when he died. Maybe Gatsby killed him and felt guilty taking his money. Who knows? He had a good reason to want all that money. He had lost the girls of his dreams five years prior. Gatsby knew the only way to get her back was to become insanely rich. Gatsby needed money and quick so he began working with Mr. Wolfsheim. Gatsby became a bootlegger earning his place in west egg across the bay from Daisy the girl he claimed to “love” so much. When he does decided to tell

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