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(3RAI Activity 2) HR Absence Introduction I have selected Ace International Food Pvt. Ltd. for the 3RAI Activity. I have selected this organization in order to find out the causes of the absence of the employees inside the organization. The Human Resources (HR) Department needs to play a key role in reaching to the correct conclusion (Kemeny, 2012). In this paper, I have focused upon the women employees for finding their causes of absence inside the organization. There are about 427 females working in this organization and are working in Departments A and B. I have first taken the age factor and the work experience factor into consideration. I have then taken no. of hours they have remained sick inside the organization, and what was the total sick costs incurred for each of them inside the given organization. I have then accounted for the no. of working days, which in turn will give me an idea about the no. of absence days in a given calendar days. In order to further get deeper in the analysis, I have taken the different frequency counts of the levels of the different issues that cause absence in the organization. These counts include – mental levels, muscular levels, stress levels, and heart issues. I have not taken into account the male employees for this research purpose. Hence, they can also be taken as a scope for further research. In addition, there are other factors such as FTE, Absence Description, URTI and Back occurrences, which can be accounted for the research purpose. Analysis and interpretation of the data 1. The average age of the working women in this organization is 37.52 years. The youngest employee is with the age of 21 and the oldest employee is with the age of 63. This shows that, there are employees who are reaching the age of 40s, and hence, can suffer from several traumas and diseases. 2. The average working days for these

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