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Assignment 02 PRS1023 CONTENTS PAGES QUESTION 1 According to a media statement released by the Medical Research Council of South Africa on 28 July, 2005, many toys, including blocks and puzzles, contain unacceptably high concentration of lead, sometimes several hundred times that allowed by international standards. This is disturbing “because it has been well established that lead causes reduction in IQ scores, shortened concentration spans, hyperactivity and learning difficulties even when lead is present at very low -levels in the blood”. The occurrence of lead poisoning persists highly among young children, they undergo a rapid developmental process, at this stage of development they become very vulnerable to lead. Many children are not well taught about personal hygiene, perhaps not well practised at school and at home. QUESTION 2 Various safety criteria to consider when buying indoor and outdoor equipment: • Baby and toddler units: Indoor Select toys that are too large to swallow, too tough to break, have no sharp points or edges, and have nontoxic finishes. Large beads on strong cord, unbreakable, rounded toys made of smooth wood or plastic are safe. Provide sturdy toys with no small removable parts or with unbreakable materials. Outdoor Keep babies in a safe place near an adult. The floor, full-sized bed, and yard are unsafe without supervision. Place gates in doorways and on stairways. Securely fasten doors leading to stairways, driveways, and storage. • Children aged 3-6 years: Indoor Large sturdy toys without sharp edges or small removable parts are safest. Select toys that are made of nontoxic paints and materials. Avoid toys and play materials with small pieces that a child could choke on. Avoid toys with electrical parts or those that are propelled through the air. Outdoor

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