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The audience for my short story will be for both men and women aged 20 and over, as this is most suitable as contains strong language and more understandable for a mature age group. The purpose will be to entertain and to grip its audience and make them want more. This short story is most likely to be found online e.g. East of the web or even produce as a novella. Route 66 Sian breathed in the warn summer air, closed shut the boot on her old classic or as she liked to call it vintage ford Capri, Smiled to her friends who were also going home for summer vacation, climbed in and set off what would be a lengthy but worthwhile break. Sian couldn’t wait to see her mum; it had seemed ages since she left to start her law degree at the University of Illinois, and was looking forward to the open road of route 66 that would take her back to Chicago. Sian had only been on the road a couple of hours but the heat was sweltering and the air conditioning hadn’t worked for some time, she pulled over at the side of the road for a refreshment break and pulled open the cooler bag she had packed for an ice cold cola, as she sipped her drink she caught site of something moving her in rear view mirror, It looked distorted due to the heat rising from the road behind her, she turned to look and squinted to make out if it was a figure or some kind of wild animal, but could still couldn’t make it out, Sian stepped of her car and rested against her boot, shielding her eyes from the burning sun, trying make clear what was moving up ahead. It was definitely a person, what on earth were they doing all the way out here in the middle of nowhere, Sian hesitated, should she just get back into her car, as you hear all kind of stories of people just vanishing, but then thought again, what if this poor person has broken down and I’m the first person that they have come across for miles. Sian

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