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Unit TC 204 3.1 What would you do if a service user or a visitor wanted to make a complaint? How would you help? What attitude would you have? If a service user wanted to make a complaint I would write down the complaint word for word and give it to a senior member of staff to deal with if there was no joy form the senior then I would go to the manager. If the resident that is making a complaint has not got full mental capacity then I would ask another member of staff to take the complaint with me so that it was witnessed. If a visitor wanted to make a complaint I would show them the complaints procedure and go through it with them. I would help by giving them the complaints procedure and by making sure that they were happy with how I had dealt with it. I would have a good attitude and also a helpful attitude. 3.2 Write down the main points of your workplaces complaints procedure. Complaints procedure: 1. Here at the beeches we accept either verbal or written complaints. We take complaints very seriously and offer our apologies to anyone who is unsatisfied with our service and will do our best to resolve the issue. 2. Complaints may be directed at either the registered home manager (Tara Savidge) or to a member of staff. 3. If you are struggling to make a complaint please discuss this with us. We will be able to help you. 4. Complaints will be recorded and acted upon as soon as is practicable. Complaints can be dealt with by making small additional changes then we will ensure you we will try and make these changes as soon as possible. However if the complaint is of a more serious nature we will fully investigate the situation. 5. The complainant will be notifies by the Registered Manager in writing upon completion of an investigation or within twenty-eight-days, whichever is sooner. The complainant will also be kept informed at all times

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