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Writing to explain Dear Miss Begum I am writing to explain to you about who really inspires me and why I admire that person. Even though Mrs Abimbola has left, I still admire her because I think the way she use to teach us, it was excellent because everyone in the class understood what she taught; if we did not understand something she would try her best to make us understand by using a different method, formula, or she use to involve everyone in our class while she use to explain something. For example, I remember the time when, I was doing a probability question and I did not understand, it but she did not let me go until I was able to exactly explain how to do a probability question. It might be that, Mrs Abimbola was a very strict teacher, and almost all the student who she taught disliked her because she use to keep as in al lot of the time at lunch and break, if she felt that, we did not understand something in class, she use to give us detention if we had missed out even one question in the homework she use to set us, and if we did not attend her detention, she use to give us a week detention for one hour after school. However at the end of the day all the students use to say she is the best teacher because she can teach very well. Mrs Abimbola is a teacher who full fills all her responsibilities and along with that, if you want her to do something for you she would never say no, even if she is really busy. The reason why I am saying this is because, once I asked her to mark an exam paper that, I did at home; she did not say no, this shows that she actually cares about us; she actually wants us to get the grade we deserve. There are many teachers in the school who say they care when actually they don’t car at all, they just say they do, to make themselves look good front of everyone. Mrs Abimbola use to give examples of her own family; how her own brother

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