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Human Growth and Development The Advantages and Disadvantages between Home and School The purpose of this piece of writing is to analyse the strengths and weaknesses between home and school. The Advantages of a Child Staying at Home The advantages of a child staying at home are those that:- a) A child would get ‘quality’ time with its parents, allowing the child to develop and strengthen its love and emotional attachment with the caring adult enabling the child to feel safe and secure. b) A child can be taught ‘social skills’ from an early age, such as manners, eating habits, basically what a parent thinks the child needs to know and how to behave. c) A child that has the security of a stable attachment from an early age is likely to remain closely attached later in life. d) If the child is sick, it can be cared for by his parents within his home environment. The Disadvantages of a Child Staying at Home The Disadvantages of a child staying at home are those that:- a) A growing child is very demanding both emotionally and physically, this can be very stressful for the parent as the child demands constant attention to keep him/her happy, amused and well cared for. b) For a parent to decide to stay at home to care for the child, the parent may have to give up work. This could lead to financial difficulties within the family, also causing stress within the family home. c) Other than visits to the park or to friends and family the child may not have the much needed interaction with other children. This could have an effect on the child forming attachments at school. The Advantages of Nursery School The advantages of nursery school are those that:- a) The child is in ‘safe hands’ looked after by qualified staff. b) The child would benefit from the interaction of other children to form friendships. c) The child benefits from

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