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Dare... The shaking boy stood in front of the house; a house so dilapidated that the mould dripped wearily from the rotting window frames. The boy, his heart beating rapidly, felt the creeping ivy might be inching its way towards him. The glistening ivy, with its cruel tentacles, stretched and juddered as if it might seize and suck at the boy, greedily swallowing him up. Behind him, almost as if in a distant dream, the boy could hear the echoing taunts of the so-called friends who had dared him to step inside. He felt as though he had stepped from one world into another. The boy couldn’t be sure but it seemed as though the wind were beckoning him towards the frightening structure. With each rustle of the leaves, he could see a path being made as bushes and foliage blew this way and that, opening a passage that compelled him to walk towards the chamber. A chamber of horrors, perhaps. He approached the front steps with his breath growing quicker and shorter, his heart pounding heavily. He applied little pressure with his foot, hoping for no noise. As he edged nervously towards the house, it seemed that the old structure, rather than increasing in size, was diminishing. The door appeared to become smaller and the boy felt as though he was on some sort of eternal treadmill; as if he was in a never-ending nightmare. The faster he travelled, the less ground he seemed to cover. After what seemed like a lifetime, the boy made progress up to the door; the door loomed over and dwarfed him. Gleaming in a cruel, compelling manner, the brass door knob lured him closer to the door. With a shaking hand, he loosely grasped the door knob, only to feel the wobbliness under his clammy hands. ‘Oi. You gonna do it, or what?’ one of the friends was yelling. The words though, were distant and muffled as the boys concentration was on what he was about to witness behind the forbidding

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