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Our group has demonstrated the presentation about one of the largest drink companies Coca Cola. We chose this brand, because Coca Cola is one of the leading brands in the beverages market, and with analyzing this market and main brand features , we had a chance to learn all possible challenges and opportunities of marketing. To describe the situation on the market we used four analyses: Boston Matrix, Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT and PEST analysis. They helped to understand all the main features of the brand and to identify the situation on the market. For example, SWOT analysis used to evaluate helpful (strengths and opportunities) and harmful (weaknesses and threats) aspects of the brand. (Humphrey, 2005 ) SWOT helped to identify the internal and external factors that negatively and positively influence the brand. Coca Cola is an extremely recognizable company, therefore mostly the brand has strengths sides rather than weaknesses and threats. But with SWOT we found such weaknesses as harmful if consume excessively and that line is restricted to beverages only. We compared the brand with Pepsi, which is the main competitor. Pepsi’s main advantage is that they produce not only beverage line but also some food and juice, which is an obvious substitute to Coca Cola. Thus, for people who prefer healthy life style, such drinks as juice, tea, water would be more attractive. As different studies have been conducted and found Coke is not very beneficial to consume constantly, it may lead to decreasing in number of consumers. We identified it as a main threat of the company. With PEST analysis we identified changes in the market caused by political, economical, social and technological factors. This analysis is a tool that helps to make strategies and to know the external environment in which the company exists. We found Coca Cola beverages being a non alcoholic industry

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