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EUC1501/202/1/2013 Tutorial Letter 202/1/2013 END USER COMPUTING (THEORY) EUC1501 Semester 1 School of Computing This tutorial letter contains the solutions to assignment 2. Bar code Study Material Despatched By now you should have received the following Tutorial Letters: EUC1501/101/2013 COSALL/301/2013 EUC1501/102/2013 EUC1501/201/2013 EUC1501/202/2013 First Tutorial Letter containing important admin information and Assignment 1. General information about the School of Computing. Tutorial Letter containing information about the exam. Tutorial Letter containing the solutions to assignment 1. This Tutorial Letter containing the solutions to assignment 2. Each tutorial letter contains an inventory of letters already dispatched to you. Please manage your study material and follow up missing or lost material with DESPATCH at Tel: (012) 429 – 4104 or despatch@unisa.ac.za. Study material can also be downloaded from www.my.unisa.ac.za. 2 EUC1501/202 Dear Student, This tutorial letter contains the solutions to assignment 2. You should have been able to find all the answers could be found straight from the textbook. Note: Please contact your e-tutor if you have any questions about these solutions, or cannot find the answers in the textbook. Hint: Most of the answers can be found inside the specific chapters, but also in the index at the end of the book. Note: Question 6 have been incorrectly marked on some assignments. It is too late in the semester to remark all of these assignments. The additional mark (2%) will not be added to students’ assignment result at this stage. This 2% will have an influence of 0.2% on your final mark (see the calculations that you had to do for assignment 1). This 0.2% will be added to your final mark after the exams have been marked. Clarification of question 28. Flash memory is an example of solid-state media. Solid state media

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