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preferred way method he felt valued and trusted wearing his favourite colour made him happy he felt empowered to make choice. He had a very good day, cooperated well with other service users he went out for a walk he even had a good night sleep.’ Ethical Dilemmas and conflicts these are day to day challenges carer come across while supporting service users. A is a service user he was diogonaised with autism and epilepsy, he uses a buccol which is administered to him by carer if he is having seizure for more than 5 minutes, he is verbal. Because of his condition he must be supported by a career at all times. When he turned 18 years he started smoking, He becomes challenging when he wants to go with no carer to buy cigarettes. Saying he is an adult he can make decisions on what he wants to do, though A is an adult and has the right to take risks. The risk for him going without a career was too high .Carer explained A the risk of him going alone to the shops, another carer was sent to buy him cigarettes, Incident report form was filled ,A was involved and his views were had when changing his care plan ,new risk assessments were put in place . The ethical dilemma is that A wants to go out unsupported to buy cigarettes. And the risk of him going a lone is too high, and the carer is trying to explain him but because of condition he can’t understand it. Regulation is a written instrument containing rules having the force of law. Legislation is the low produced by governing legal principles outlining the responsibilities of event organisers such as local authority, to protect the safety of the public. Code of practice is a written guide issued by an official body or a professional association to its members to help them comply with its ethical standards. COSHH regulation procedures hazardous substances must be labelled corrosive, irritant, harmful or toxic and may

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